This is an insightful piece by Adam Lidgett on Law360 about a trade secrets case and a subsequent large settlement. The piece explains how a California federal jury has stated that Proofpoint Inc. is entitled to about $14 million after finding that a former employee and a French technology company misappropriated most of the trade secrets at issue in a suit relating to cybersecurity. The jury said the plaintiffs were owed $13,975,659!

This certainly serves as a useful reminder of the importance of protecting trade secrets and how technology comes into this.

Here at A&M, we have certainly seen an increasing number of questions over the past few years on the issue of trade secrets. It is important for all companies (whatever their size or sector) to consider the protection their intellectual property, not just trade secrets from both a legal and technical perspective, as so much of their value and future value is directly derived from it.

The key here for us is to help firms protect and preserve the value of their trade secrets/IP. Technology plays a major role in this, both from cyber protection point of view as firms take reasonable steps to protect their trade secrets in the first place; and from a forensic computing investigations point of view should the worst happen and so the culprit can be uncovered.