In this insightful article, the team at Burges Salmon talk about how the Disclosure Pilot Scheme, as well as an increase in data, and changes to technology have all changed the roles of lawyers and forensic technology experts.

This is something we too have been talking about a great deal recently in my team. In fact, I’ll share a link to our article on this at the end of this piece too. We’ve specifically covered what the U.K.’s Disclosure Pilot Scheme (DPS) for litigators have to do with fraud investigations.

Back to the Burges Salmon piece though.. This talks about some of the changes that the role of a forensic technology expert will have experienced working in disclosure over recent years. I urge you to have a read to look at some of their key considerations, specifically around data, early engagement, co-operation and how technology is changing.

A great read by Tom Whittaker and Suzanne Padmore of Burges Salmon, and Harry Trick of FRP Advisory. Thanks for sharing.

And here is the piece I mentioned earlier that we did in Counter Fraud: