The Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum has recently announced its workplan for 2022/23, as well published as its annual report and a call for comments linked to its recent papers on algorithms.

Comprising of the Competition and Markets Authority, Financial Conduct Authority, Information Commissioner's Office and Ofcom, the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum has committed to tackling a number of major challenges in the digital space including:

  • Online privacy and safety protections for children led the ICO and Ofcom
  • Fostering of competitive online advertising which respects consumer privacy rights and data protection rules, led by the CMA and ICO
  • Improvements in algorithmic transparency and auditing
  • Promotion of digital innovation

Comments on the use of algorithms and how the DRCF can promote an effective and proportionate approach to the auditing of algorithms are welcome by no later than the 8th June 2022

For further information please see the Ofcom's Press Release