Good read here on the Addleshaw Goddard website – I was specifically interested in the dispute resolution analysis about a specific disclosure application brought under CPR PD51U against Ed Sheeran and others responsible for writing “Shape of You”.

In summary, Ed Sheeran and others responsible for writing the song, “Shape of You” brought a claim for a negative declaration that they had not infringed the copyright of the Defendants in another song, “Oh Why”. Correspondence had suggested that the Claimants had infringed that copyright.

I guess this just goes to highlight the importance of documents and data during the disclosure process. Anyone undertaking litigation must consider whether other group companies or related individuals hold relevant documents that would be subject to disclosure requirements. In our experience, when considering the technical aspects of any case, this can add additional sources, systems and complications that should be considered as early as possible in the process so as to avoid slowing things down.