This article on the DLA Piper website uncovers some of the problems around the use of some algorithms – it also goes into the regulators plans and how they should be audited.

I have talked before about how the CMA wants to ensure algorithms do not harm competition or indeed cause detriment to consumers. In particular I have looked at theories of harm, ways to investigate harms and discussed the potential role of regulators in addressing these harms. More on this here:

However, going back to this specific piece, the author, Coran Darling, explains that the pervasive nature of algorithms throughout sectors in the UK requires a holistic approach by regulators to do the following two things:

  1. Highlight the nature of these risks to stakeholders and the public; and
  2. Take measures to mitigate them, while limiting the impact of actions on the positive aspects of algorithmic processing.

My key takeaway on reading this I suppose, is that people should think about doing internal and independent checks in advance of any regulatory action and should make sure they link up with an expert to do so.