We all know that the boundaries between our work and personal lives have been severely blurred since the pandemic and given our new remote working world. This piece by the team at Addleshaw Goddard talks about these blurred lines and also the privacy issues that come about as a result.

Now I can't comment on this from a legal perspective, but from an investigative perspective these sources of personal data are always very revealing. Because bluntly, in our experience, people tend to use their personal email accounts when doing things they really shouldn't be doing!!

Now there are always legal questions that need to be addressed, but it is important to consider this personal use during any sort of investigation. What's available will really depend on how the user has accessed their personal email accounts and their activity. Without the appropriate legal authority, we would not access any accounts live, but rather rely on the data held on the relevant devices. This can be from a computer or, often more usefully, from mobile devices. This can then reveal current, live emails and sometimes deleted ones as well.

This is often a very useful source during an investigation and one that should not be overlooked if the legal questions can be addressed.