Roddy Bourke and Paula Fearon of McCann Fitzgerald cover an interesting Irish case in this insights piece. They specifically highlight some of the things that can go wrong with discovery.

Of course, the ideal scenario is that nothing goes wrong at all!! But the key to ensuring all goes as planned is preparation and indeed bringing in the experts early on.

From our experience, early involvement of data experts has always been key to an efficient disclosure exercise, particularly on many of the complex data heavy cases that tend to take place in todays digitised world.

We have also seen the advantages of having a subject matter expert or dispute expert involved early on. Not only will this allow the forensic expert to understand the data quickly, but it will also allow the client access to a subject matter expert/ testifying expert who will be able to advise on what documents will be useful at trial. This can help ensure that the collection and review methodology are aligned, and that no one is having to claw around later looking for that vital last piece of evidence.